Velocitea Instructions for Brewing

The amount of Velocitea you consume daily can be adjusted for your individual needs, as  you see how your body responds,  you might want to either use more or less.

Two tea bags of Velocitea will make one gallon. If you follow the recommended amount, and  drink 8 ounces of Velocitea twice per day this will last for 8 days.

Brewing Your Velocitea concentrate

If you want to save space in the fridge, make the tea as a concentrate, using the instructions below.

Bring a quart of water to a boil, take the pot off the heat and wait until the water is still, before adding 2 tea bags, or you can bring the water ALMOST to the boiling point and then add the tea bags. The important thing is, Velocitea must be steeped in water close to the boiling point, but not boiling.

Never add tea bags to boiling water and do not microwave the Velocitea!

Microwaves may alter the molecular structure of the tea.

tea pot

Preparing Your Velocitea Beverage To Taste

These instructions describe how to make a 1 quart of Velocitea concentrate, which when diluted with either water or other beverage of your choice, will make a total of one gallon of tea.

Bring a quart of water to a boil, turn off the stove or take pot off the heat, add 2 tea bags once the water is no longer at a boil. Never add tea bags to boiling water.

Cover the pot of Velocitea and leave it to steep overnight - or for a minimum of 4 to 6 hours. When it's done, pour the cool Velocitea concentrate into a container (a glass canning jar is my personal favorite) put a lid on it, and refrigerate.

When using the Velocitea concentrate, each time you drink your tea you will use 2 ounces of concentrate and 6 ounces of water or other preferred liquid (like juice or herbal tea), to make your 8 oz of tea.

If don't want to make a concentrate, you can of course brew a whole gallon of tea at once, still using 2 tea bags, but since this will take up more space in the fridge my preference is to make the concentrate.

You can drink your Velocitea cold or as an iced tea, or even add it to a favorite juice if desired. If, like me, you like a warm cup of tea, do not reheat the concentrate itself, instead use 2 ounces of concentrate and add hot water to taste.

Velocitea contains some natural herbs which act as a cathartic. Consult your personal physician before using Velocitea or any herbal product. This is especially important for women that are pregnant, for the elderly or very young and for those with existing medical conditions.

Suggested Use of Velocitea

If you want to use Velocitea to assist in losing weight, drink it with a meal - not on an empty stomach. Drink about 8 ounces with meals like breakfast and dinner, and also take 4 ounces with a snack or a light lunch.

You might find that you need to drink more or less of your Velocitea, and as you find how your body responds, you can adjust your dosage. But remember that it is a cathartic and detoxifying tea, so you might experience a little discomfort when you first start using the tea, as your body is going through the initial cleansing and elimination of accumulated toxins and old waste material.

As you continue to drink your Velocitea, you will typically you start to feel better and have more energy. The more toxins that has built up over the years, the longer it will take to clean out. We suggest at least 3 months of drinking Velocitea every day. Many users, like myself, keep drinking it for years.

Velocitea Ingredients

The Velocitea ingredients are a special blend of safe, natural, edible herbs:

Milk Thistle, Persimmon leaves, Malva leaves, Marsh Mallow leaves, and Blessed Thistle.