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Relieve constipation. Being constipated can have a negative effect on your overall well being. VelociTea keeps you regular.


You can eliminate much discomfort by simply cleaning out your colon on a regular basis.


VelociTea not only tastes great but also helps with detox. It is powerful while still being gentle enough on your system for long term use


No guarantees, but many people report great results using VelociTea to help shed unwanted pounds.

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Can I expect results in just one week?

In most cases the answer is yes.
80% of people experience results in as little as 4 days.
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Are you constipated?

If you said yes, you are not alone.

The National Institute of Health published a survey which showed 4.5 million Americans are constipated most or all the time. In the USA, over 2.5 million doctor visits per year are made by patients who complain of constipation. This is only the tip of the iceberg, because many more suffer constipation anywhere from mild to severe, without visiting the doctor.

Finding relief can be a challenge. Laxatives are not the answer, due to the fact that they can create dependency and they usually contain harsh ingredients that should not be used long-term.

The Velocitea herbal tea blend on the other hand is very potent, yet gentle enough on the body to be perfectly safe for long-term use.

The answer can be as simple as drinking a cup of Velocitea twice a day!

Velocitea helps clean out the toxic build up in the small intestine and colon that results from chronic constipation. Most users find that once the detoxification process is allowed to take place, there is an increase in energy along with a greater sense of well-being.

By first using Veloctiea to aid in cleaning out the intestinal tract, and then preventing new waste material build-up with the continued maintenance dosing of Velocitea, we can help relieve many symptoms caused by the waste and toxins that can build up when we are constipated.

Those symptoms can express themselves in many different ways, some of them are:

  • Acid Reflux (GERD) or Heartburn
  • Indigestion / Stomach Discomfort
  • Constipation / Hemorrhoids
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Spastic Colon
  • Excessive Gas / Flatulence
  • Body Odor & Bad Breath
  • Belching
  • Bloating
  • Excess Weight / Obesity
  • Skin Ailments
  • Allergies and Hay Fever
  • Headache and Migraine
  • Low Energy / Lack of Mental Clarity / Poor Concentration / "Brain Fog"


Tea drinker

When the food you eat is not eliminated quickly enough many problems arise.

Ideally, transit time, meaning the time it takes from eating to excretion, should be about 11 to 15 hours, but in the typical North Amercian today it is on average taking 26 hours or more. In some people, transit-time is up to 70 hours (almost 3 days)! That means there's a lot of time for toxins to be absorbed into the bloodstream from the decaying matter fermenting in the digestive tract. Velocitea can assist with normalizing transit-time, helping to get you closer to the ideal time.

Add a high potency digestive enzyme like Elite Zyme Pro to the protocol, and you will be giving your digestive system the real boost it needs!