Holy Tea or VelociTea? --- How do I chose?

When I was first introduced to Velocitea, that is exactly what I wanted to know. I now know that most people prefer Velocitea, but that is only because...

...One day I got a call from a collegue up in Canada. She found a way to test the teas in the real world. Her customers came in and asked her which tea should they choose. She told them "get half of each and judge for yourself".

When they returned, they all told her they prefer VelociTea!

Armed with that knowledge I started recommending VelociTea to people who wondered which tea they should choose, and I also offered the 50/50 trial. I found the same thing. The vast majority of people like Velocitea better!

Do you want to try for yourself?

Choose the 50/50 option in the shopping cart, and put the two to the test for yourself - or just buy your 50/50 pack below!

Holy Tea / VelociTea/Holy Tea 50/50
2 week supply of each